Ken De Norre - De Groof


Ken De Norre - De Groof


  • Functional & technical analysis
  • Contact with clients
  • Project management
  • Training of end-users (individual and large groups)
  • Software development

MoveteX is a company specialized in operations research, planning, optimization algorithms and simulation studies.

We have a broad expertise in many industries & application domains: staff planning, hospital planning, hospital consultancy, order policy & stock optimization, transport planning, business forecasting, sport- and competition planning,... More information is available at our website.

RefAssiST™ is an in-house developed optimization software tool for professional referee management and automatic referee appointments in sport competitions. RefAssiST™ has been deployed for the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA - KBVB). Every referee appointment in Belgian football is done with the help of RefAssiST!

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